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We Worship at 10am with Sunday School before at 9am.


So, worship at SSCC is casual and come as you are.  The style of worship is contemporary, but fluid.  When you come to worship at SSCC here's what you can expect:


As you walk in the doors of the church, you will enter into a gathering space with coffee and donuts, help yourself!  Because we are a more intimate congregation, you will probably be greeted and will be welcomed by some friendly faces!  


Once you run the gauntlet of welcoming faces, you will turn to your left to enter the sanctuary.  It's a gorgeous worshipping space.


Our music consists of contemporary songs led by sometimes one guitar player and at other times a keyboard, drummer, and guitar and singers....depending on our volunteers and their availability.  If you have musical talent, we'd love you to become a part of this!


Every week, we take communion.  During worship, there will be an invitation to come forward for communion.  At that time everyone is welcome to come forward, take a piece of bread and dip it into the juice and be blessed.


Sermon messages at SSCC are given by Rev. Jill Sullins.  These messages are generally based on Scripture, and then related to real life and how the life of Jesus and the faithfulness of God allow us to live better lives.


A lot of the focus at SSCC when it comes to faith is how we can go from here to there and leave here a little better as we go to there.  How does God empower and inform and challenge us to be better.  We hope you'll join us!

One more thing.....CHILDREN ARE WELCOME IN WORSHIP.....we are an inclusive community and we try to be inclusive of our littlest ones as well.  In the worship space is a children's area with rugs, chairs, tables their size and plenty of activities for them to play while in worship.  We expect noise and crying....we are even working on getting some rocking chairs and baby bouncers so that parents can rock their babies while also worshipping God.

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